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DEC Businesses represent a cross section of many different products and services.  To learn more about our Tenants, follow the link below.


When you become a tenant at the DEC, you instantly become part of a business community. Join other businesses looking to grow their business and utilize the many assets available to you and your business.


DEC Featured Tenant: Adaptalogix

Tenant Spotlight: Adaptalogix

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Name: Adaptalogix Owner: James Neal Good/Service: Enterprise Resource Planning, supply chain, and GMP Manufacturing applications Company Overview: James Neal is the owner of Adaptalogix, a company that provides Enterprise Resource…

Tenant Spotlight: Risk Lens

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Name: Risk Lens Executive – Leads Consulting: Chadd Weinman Good/Service: Enterprise Cyber Risk Company Overview: Chad Weinman is an executive at RiskLens, a corporation that enables companies to quantify their…

Tenant Spotlight: Become a Better Networker

Tenant Spotlight: Become a Better Networker with Chris Borja

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Name: Become a Better Networker Owner: Chris Borja Good/Service: Consulting Company Overview: Become a Better Networker is about connecting people and teaching them how to build meaningful connections and learn…

Modern Facilities

Conveniently located in Dublin’s Metro Office District, the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center offers a professional environment with comfortable areas for casual brainstorming, and both large and small state-of-the-art conference rooms. The DEC provides your company with the look and access to amenities that it deserves. Tenants have access to the robust DubLink broadband network and, through the adjacent Metro Data Center, data storage in a highly secure environment.